About the products


Fragrances that delight your senses Incense that is the Essence of beauty and the spirit of magnificence Fragrances that embody splendor and luxury Simplicity in its elegance, incense sticks with divine fragrances. Dhingli Incense Sticks was started over three decades ago, to procure ethically sourced materials to produce incense that is earthy,luxurious, and yet stays grounded to its roots. Today over thirty years later we are still going one of the most popular brands for incense sticks. Incense sticks have always been an integral part of our homes and the ideology behind starting this was to ensure to reach out to as many households as possible at the same time providing them with organically produced incense sticks. The four pillars of foundation on which Dhingil is built is quality, exceptional products,ethically manufactured and exclusive fragrances. We aspire to become a synonymous with incense sticks and make sure our products reach the remotest part of World.